1. Don't spit against the wind.

2. Never throw a brick straight up.

3. If you're in a hurry while driving and you switch lanes the lane you were in will start going faster.

4. If you let a cat sleep on your bed it will sleep in the most uncomfortable position for you.

5. Never run with scissors. ( for all those stupid ones )

6. Never do a cartwheel into a brick wall.

7. Don't jump out in front of a car.

8. Don't jump off a bridge unless your bungee jumping.

9. Never jump off a diving board into a pool with no water.

10. Never jump into a mirror with two sides.

11. The only thing worse than having an argument with a brick wall is losing the argument with the brick wall.

12. Never feed rice to a bird.


14. Never kick an angry dog then run away.

15. Don't kick an ant hill and just stand there.

16. Don't fall asleep eating food.

17. Don't sing songs in the middle of something important.

18. Don't nod your head but think of something else when someone is talking to you.

19. Don't jump off of a diving board in to a kiddie pool.

20. Don't play Marco Polo by yourself.

21. Don't freeze your hand then leave them under hot water.

22. Never stick a paper clip in an electrical outlet.

23. Don't do a flip on ground without practice.

24. Don't think you win by sleeping in a stay up all night contest.

25. Don't run in to a mirror. ( sadly i did )

26. Don't throw a knife straight up.

27. Don't fall in to your own prank.