About me

               I am 12 years old trying to get money by getting my own domain. That isn't the only reason I made this. I made this for other kids my age that like lots of random stuff. I really don't know a lot about making sites. So If anyone could give ideas for the site that would be great. There is a part called the guestbook for the comments. I like to just sit around or play outside. My fav. thing to do is to just hang out with friends. I love a lot of vegetables and some fruit. My fav. thing to eat is probably chicken salad which I tried not too long ago.
      My fav. show is George Lopez and I watch it all the time.I will update the site most of the time but it will be about 3:00 to 5:00 because of school so make sure you keep checking so you don't miss anything.

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